Inspectors conclude Seevic College still 'requires improvement' in Ofsted report

By Michael Cox in Education

INSPECTORS have concluded that Seevic College still ’requires improvement’ in the latest Ofsted report.

The report, published on February 9, said that the college’s governors and leaders had not effectively tackled the most significant areas for improvement identified in the previous two inspections.

Inspectors also slammed the outcomes for both learners and apprentices.

In the report, it said: “Too many learners do not achieve the high grades of which they are capable and learners’ achievement rates have declined on too many courses.”

The quality of teaching was described by inspectors as not being consistently good.

The report said that too many learners and apprentices do not make the progress they are capable of as a result of too many teachers not having high enough expectations.

Too many apprentices do not have a “sufficiently robust” understanding of British values or of the risks of radicalisation or extremism, with too many unable to recall or understand the concepts around the threats.

The report also said that, until recently, “governors did not provide sufficient and rigorous challenge to senior leaders to ensure that they tackled all areas for improvement thoroughly”.

But since the appointment of principal Dan Pearson in May 2016, inspectors said rapid improvements had been made.

They wrote: “Following the appointment of the new principal, rapid improvements have been made; although many of the changes are at an early stage of implementation, improvements to learners’ experiences are already evident.”

The college was also rated as ’good’ in its provision for learners with high needs, with the large majority of those learners making good progress and a small number making excellent progress.

Seevic was also praised under the personal development, behaviour and welfare category.

Inspectors found that learners and apprentices enjoy their time at the college, and that the large majority of learners produce a good standard of work and take pride in it.

Mr Pearson said that he was pleased that Ofsted had recognised the dedication of staff and the ’innovations’ that have been brought in.

He said: “When inspectors visited the college in December, they said rapid improvements have been made and the pace has not slowed since then.

“We have already identified areas of the college that need development and have a plan in place. We are heading in the right direction and that has been backed by Ofsted with this report.

”As a leading college for high needs learners in Essex, we are particularly proud that Ofsted identified the exceptional performance of our learners.”

He also said that he was looking forward to welcoming inspectors back to the college to see it improve on its successes.

Mr Pearson added: “Seevic College is on a journey and this Ofsted report has come at the beginning of that journey.

“We have listened to the points Ofsted have identified and acknowledge that we have still got work to do to but we are well on the way to improving standards across college.”

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