£1.04million funding boost for 100 CCTV cameras in Castle Point

Castle Point is set to benefit from 100 new CCTV cameras, thanks to a £1million funding boost – with the council leader insisting “people will be safer”.

The Police Fire and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst has agreed to fund the £1.04 million upgrade of CCTV around Castle Point. The new cameras will be monitored by the Southend CCTV control centre.

Dave Blackwell, Canvey Independent leader of Castle Point Borough Council, said: “One of my main priorities is community safety and the money is for 100 new CCTV cameras for the whole borough.

“We are going to pay a fee for the Southend monitoring centre to keep an eye on the cameras and it really is going to be game changer for us.

“It’s going to make community safety 100 per cent better and the cameras could be installed in places like Canvey Lake, Canvey Town Centre, Waterside Farm and areas with high antisocial behaviour.

“I think it’s massive for Castle Point and I am so pleased too. I definitely think people will feel safer with these new cameras and I think in the past the biggest problem we had was our CCTV was not being monitored.

“These will be monitored 24/7 and community safety is a big priority for me. I would like to see new cameras installed across the borough in Canvey Town Centre, Hadleigh Town Centre, Tarpots in Benfleet and antisocial behaviour hotspots. I do want to reiterate that this is for CCTV improvements across the borough.”

Cllr Blackwell added that the council will be working closely with the police to decide where the new cameras will be installed. He said over the years so many residents across the borough have complained about antisocial behaviour.

The council leader added: “With the monitoring centre in Southend, they can see an incident happening before it has happened.

“I’ve been to see the centre and it is impressive, I do not care what anybody says people will feel safer and people will be safe with these improvements in the CCTV system.”

The Office of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner was unavailable for comment.


Matthew Critchell

Local Democracy Reporter