Chelmsford woman jailed after stabbing pensioner in his own home

A woman who stabbed a pensioner inside his own home for his wallet has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Judith Bishop, 46, of Pearl Square had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud, one count of possession of a bladed article and one count of battery following the incident off of Moulsham Chase in Chelmsford. She was found guilty of robbery on May 8 at Chelmsford Crown Court.

The court heard how Bishop had initially knocked on the door of her victim, a man aged in his 70s, weeks before the attack on Tuesday, November 27 last year, and asked to borrow money.

The victim obliged and, over the course of the next few weeks, the stranger, now known to be Bishop, reappeared several times to ask for £10 notes.

At 11pm on November 27, Bishop knocked again and, when the victim stated he had no money for her, she stabbed him in the face and head several times with a knife from his own kitchen and stole his wallet.

Detectives were able to arrest Bishop after they discovered two pieces of paper at the victim’s address which held her details.

The victim remained conscious, despite significant wounds to his nose, lips and ears, face, rear of head and was able to call 999.

Following her arrest, Bishop was searched in custody and the bank card of the victim fell from underneath her armpit.

She was sentenced on Thursday September 19.

Acting Detective Sergeant Harriet Ware of Chelmsford CID said : “This was a horrendous, unprovoked attack on a vulnerable victim. The man who was assaulted was just being a good citizen and trying to help a woman in need by providing her with food and money.

“I am happy that Bishop has been given a custodial sentence, as this has been an extremely distressing incident for everyone involved. I hope that the victim in this case, who has shown such dignity and bravery throughout this investigation, finds closure from this outcome.”

Detective Inspector Kelly Thurston of Chelmsford CID added: “Detective Sergeant Ware and the team have worked tirelessly to get this case the justice it deserves.

“Not only did Bishop target a vulnerable victim for his hard-earned pension money,  she then proceeded to make him suffer one of the most horrific attacks I have ever seen and left him for dead.

“Although this sentence will not take back the attack the victim endured, hopefully, this result will give some closure.’


Mick Ferris

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