Biden his time – however much of that may be left

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The walls of the White House are bedecked with portraits of all the former presidents of the United States from George Washington onwards. Except for one.

Such is Donald Trump’s hatred of Barack Obama that he has steadfastly refused to allow his predecessor’s portrait to be hung while he is the occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

That will now change. When the time comes, President elect Joe Biden will no doubt ensure that his former running mate and friend will join the likes of Lincoln, Taft, Hoover, both Roosevelts and Kennedy with all the ceremony reserved for previous incumbents.

And although the temptation must be there for some retribution, the same will apply to Trump’s portrait because, well, Biden’s a grown up, isn’t he?

So grown up, in fact, at 77 he might not actually make it to 2024, but here is where the Democrats have chosen wisely in picking Kamala Harris as the first woman vice president and possibly even president in waiting at some point over the next four years.

Of course, although it’s supposed to be January 20, 2021, when the new president will actually take up residence is anyone’s guess at the moment because as I write this, Donald Trump is refusing to conceded the election, claiming widespread corruption in the states he has lost.

Apart from the usual suspects – Giuliani and his other cronies – the Republican Party is mostly distancing itself from Trump’s so far baseless accusations and are even embarrassed by them.

But out in the country things are different. Trump supporters – from the guy without a mask (of course) outside the Philadelphia count insisting it’s all a communist plot to the woman in the Jesus Saves t-shirt who still thinks the Supreme Court will overturn the result and everything will be OK – believe anything that comes out of their leader’s crazy mouth.

So why should we be bothered about what goes on in the US?

Because this polarisation is the way of the world now. Trump is just the symbol of this, the man child who, as one Democrat spokesman brilliantly put it on Thursday, needs to put his big boy pants on and accept he’s lost.

This perma-tanned potus with his over inflated ego and comedy haircut is the trigger for gun toting rednecks and anyone else in the country who fails to see the difference between patriotism and nationalism.

Division already exists amongst the people. The potential for conflict is already there. He is just the catalyst with Tweets that this past few days, with supporters banging on the windows at the count in Michigan, have been tantamount to incitement to civil unrest.

And remember, even in defeat Trump’s vote actually increased on 2016 so his exit is likely to be as much a public performance as his presidency to further cultivate his new public persona as a victim.

Meanwhile, as The Don is dragged kicking and screaming across the lawn, a 50-year old Slovenian woman with a moody teenager in tow will be seen running full pelt towards the Sousa Bridge and freedom.

  • As a wonderful postscript, on Saturday morning the Trump campaign called a press conference in the parking lot of a company called Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia. It’s thought that they meant to book the Four Seasons hotel but someone screwed up so they just went with it.


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