They’re celebrities, get them out of here!

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I try not to get into discussions about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They have decided they want nothing to do with us and I’m more than happy to reciprocate.

But the hypocrisy, especially over the past week, has been so overwhelming that my blood is boiling – and in my state of health at the moment that’s asking for trouble.

Harry and Meghan abandoned royal duties last year and fled to the US after some pretty shabby treatment of the duchess especially from the tabloid press and the straw that broke the camel’s back which culminated in both of them bringing individual lawsuits against the Mail on Sunday over their right to privacy.

The ink had barely dried on Harry’s settlement and the judge’s pre-trial decision in Meghan’s favour when it was announced that this couple who supposedly value their privacy so much are to take part in a “no holds barred” interview with Oprah Winfrey!

That will be wedding guest and close personal friend Oprah Winfrey, so the term no holds barred is obviously up for very loose interpretation.

Then blink and here comes the pregnancy announcement. Happy news obviously and I’m genuinely delighted for them, especially after the heartbreak of last year’s miscarriage, but not for these guys a simple bump selfie with a “Cooking with gas” t-shirt on Instagram. Oh no, we get an arty-farty black and white heavily posed professionally shot work of art publicity shot from the prodigiously talented Misan Harriman (another wedding guest) tailor made for the world’s front pages.

In a week when The Queen, who has enough to worry about with Prince Phil being in hospital without having to deal with this diva crap, made it clear that the pair will not be returning to front line royal duties as they settle in a country where the paparazzi don’t just stand outside your favourite restaurant, they use drones and helicopters to get views of you enjoying a cuppa in your back garden, Harry and Meghan seem to want it both ways – a life of celebrity and entitlement without the responsibilities of what made them newsworthy in the first place and where they can engineer media coverage when it sits them.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

I presumed they didn’t want to be royals, but it’s not that at all. They just don’t want the responsibility that comes with it.

I honestly wish them both well, but for goodness sake they need to get over themselves.


I doubt very much that I was the only person to jump out of my seat and cheer loudly with hands in the air as Adama Traore’s thunderbolt kick rattled the woodwork, bounced back, hit the goalkeeper on the head and trickled into the net, resulting in Wolves’ winning goal against Leeds United on Friday evening.

But I do wonder if I was the only saddo to break into spontaneous applause with NASA technicians as the Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars the day before.

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week

A real bonanza of thick as two short planksness this week. From just one day on Tipping Point:

Q: Which Shakespeare character says: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

A: Romeo?

Q: What sort of equine creature is a Suffolk Punch?

A: A tiger?

Q: Portugallo is the Italian name for which country?

A: France?

And from the BBC2 quiz Lightning:

Q: The RSPB is an organisation that works for the protection of what?

A: Rabbits?

Q The poster for my 1930 film Anna Christie carried the slogan “Garbo Talks!” Who am I?

A: Marilyn Monroe?


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