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Zombieland: Double Tap (15) 99 minutes

You can count the number of film sequels that measure up to their predecessor on the fingers of one finger.

But, while it would be ridiculous to compare Zombieland with The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, it has to be said that this follow-up is every bit as funny and entertaining as the 2009 original.

In fact, funny is selling it short – Zombieland: Double Tap is bloody hilarious.

Apart from becoming a makeshift family unit, ten years has done little to change Tallahasse (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and Witchita (Emma Stone) as people. Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) however, is a different prospect altogether.

Although the Oscar nominated child star who enchanted us in Little Miss Sunshine is still recognisable, Breslin has grown into a young woman and that obviously impacts on the youngest of the group who craves the company of people her age, which brings her into conflict with older sister Witchita and erstwhile father figure Tallahasse.

The zombies have also changed with a newer, more resilient strain appearing.

Zombieland’s appeal always rested with the interaction between these four people thrown together in a world where half of the population have become flesh eating undeads and that comic chemistry has not dulled one iota in the ensuing decade.

Nor has the razor sharp dialogue which never fails to hit the spot.

Double Tap (Rule #2 in Columbus’ guide to staying alive) benefits further from an additional comic foil in the shape of Zoey Deutch as airhead Madison, who has survived the zombie apocalypse by living in a freezer inside a shopping mall and acts as a catalyst for some inspired interplay between Eisenberg and Stone.

In a lesser screenplay a funny cameo from Luke Wilson would be a distraction from the relationship issues of the main ensemble – a time filling exercise – but in director Ruben Fleischer’s hands it’s another chance to produce comedy gold.

And speaking of cameos, stick around during the closing credits for a welcome appearance from Bill Murray, who met an untimely end in the original film.

In a world where there’s very little to feel happy about, a return trip to Zombieland is just what the doctor ordered.

This is more than mildly amusing – it’s Deadpool funny.


Mick Ferris

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