£35m project for Canvey shoreline flood defences

The Environment Agency has announced it is to to renew the flood defence revetment on the southern shoreline of Canvey Island

With plans to start in the financial year 2022/23 and last for two years, this £35 million project will renew Canvey Island’s existing flood defence revetment along a 3km stretch of the island’s southern seafront.

Once completed, the island’s tidal defences will be better protected against erosion for a further 50 years, taking into account the effects of rising sea levels due to climate change.

As well as refurbishing the existing tidal defences, additional enhancements will be made to the shoreline. These will include improved public access along the seaward walkway by providing passing places in narrower areas at the bottom of steps and ramps.

There will be new steps to the beach and foreshore with project information boards and way-finding markers also proposed. The surface of the pathway along the landward side of the seawall between Thorney Bay and Chapman Sands will also be improved.

Flowering grass seed mixes will be planted to improve biodiversity along with rock pools in certain locations.

Environment Agency spokesperson Phil Spearman, Flood & Coastal Risk Management Senior Advisor, said: “We are currently developing detailed designs for the revetment. During early autumn 2021 we will build upon recent discussions with sea front businesses to talk to people in the community and explain more about the plans, and discuss and listen to their views.

“We have added information boards to our web page with further details of flood risk management on Canvey Island, the scheme’s background and why it is needed. We will provide paper copies on the island, working with Castle Point Borough and Canvey Island Town Councils. We will also add a feedback section to our web page, as well as explore a ways for people not online to also give us their views.”

The Environment Agency scheme will be fully funded by government and the works involved will be carried out as part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM) 2100 Programme.

The outline design work was completed in consultation with Castle Point Borough Council, Canvey Island Town Council, as well as members of the Castle Point Regeneration Partnership and local councillors.

Mick Ferris

Editor Email: mickferris@yellowad.co.uk