6,000 new trees for Brentwood

Brentwood Council has received £13,456 from the Thames Chase Trust under the “Trees for Climate” scheme to plant 6,000 new trees in the borough.

The initiative is part of a nationwide plan to create a community forest and help tackle carbon emissions whilst enhancing natural areas for residents.

The trees will be planted at St Faith’s, Childerditch, Hatch Road and Magpie Lane and cover a total of nearly 3 hectares.

Chair Cllr Maria Pearson said; “This is a wonderful scheme and we are grateful for the support of the Thames Chase Trust which makes this possible. It helps us to do our part in retaining and replanting areas of woodland.

“In all some 6,000 trees will be planted and a community orchard planted at St Faiths Country Park. The wide range of species have been selected in some cases because they will grow quickly and therefore have a big impact in a short period of time. Others are native trees which are high carbon uptake which is the principle objective to balance carbon emission.

“Not only will this be a great environmental project, but it will also provide more areas for people to enjoy and see take shape in the coming years.”

Dave Bigden, consultant forest director for Thames Chase Trust, said: “Thames Chase Trust is delighted to be working in partnership with Brentwood Borough Council and Essex County Council on this exciting new tree planting programme.

“Combining the benefits of Trees for Climate and the Essex Forest Initiative has brought maximum benefit to Brentwood and the success of our partnership in 2020/21 will help us drive forward, planning for year two of the Trees for Climate programme in 2021/22.

“The creation of new woodlands, combined with the increase in management of existing woodlands, will bring significant improvements in the recreational, amenity and biodiversity value of Thames Chase Community Forest. It will continue and expand the work we have been delivering with our partners since the inception of the Forest in 1990.

Trees for Climate will help the Thames Chase Trust and its partners to continue to drive this vital work forward. This scheme aligns with the aims and objectives of the Thames Chase Plan and the tree planting will support the Trust’s vision to create a mosaic landscape, rich in diverse habitat, across Thames Chase Community Forest.”

Cllr Simon Walsh, Essex County Council’s cabinet member for environment and climate change action, said: “The planting across Brentwood is another exciting step forward to achieving our ambitions for the Essex Forest Initiative and a clear demonstration of our desire to continue to address the negative effects of climate change across the county.”


Mick Ferris

Editor Email: [email protected]