A pair of poundshop Enochs

The suspension of Lee (those nasty Labour boys were laughing at me) Anderson from the Tory party following his comments about London Mayor Sadiq Khan last week created something of a dilemma for little Rishi Rich, because if 30p Lee had the whip suspended after saying that the control of London’s streets have been handed over to “islamists”, then surely the same should apply to Cruella Braverman, who said in the Telegraph only days earlier that the nation’s streets had been taken over by said “islamists”.

But no. Not only do Dobby the Hogwarts elf and deputy leader Oliver Dowden have a problem with using the words “islamophobia” or “racist” in a public setting insisting on terms such as “ill-judged, it seems that they consider similarly inflammatory remarks to be unacceptable when uttered by an odious outspoken white man yet when the same anti Islam sentiments are expressed by an equally odious poundshop Enoch who just happens to be a British woman of Indian descent, somehow there are no consequences – no disciplinary action whatsoever.

So how do they try to justify it? Pathetically. The official word was that Anderson has been suspended not because of what he said, but for his refusal to apologise in public to the mayor. It’s now looking increasingly likely that he could move on to his third political party and stand as a Reform candidate in the next election.

Cruella has no one to apologise to in this scenario – something I think the many law abiding Muslims across the country would probably have an issue with along with the people who engaged in peaceful protest that have been tarnished with accusations of extremism as part of a political crusade to incite hatred.

Meanwhile, while this shameful, disgusting hypocrisy was going on, the most inept and shortest serving prime minister in our history was sharing a stage in the US with former White House strategist turned insurgency supporter, Steve Bannon where she blamed the seven-week s**tshow she presided over on the financiers, political opponents… anyone but herself. It was all a plot.

Sounds familiar. She’s been watching too many Marjorie Taylor Green clips on YouTube.

This is the Tory party of the 2020s, fractured into factions that not even the words “broad church” can paper over anymore.


Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, is an honourable man, certainly more than his predecessor and more than the delinquents he is charged with overseeing.

The way he was hung out to dry over a decision which, although the wrong one, was taken in good faith is as deplorable as the sight of our elected representatives throwing their toys out of the pram over a Gaza ceasefire motion that would have absolutely no impact on the situation.

Even the SNP are not stupid enough to believe that Netanyahu would be waiting with baited breath over what is said in London.

The whole purpose of the debate was to politicise a human tragedy and when the opportunity for posturing was taken from them it all kicked off,

The Speaker is not a man to be pressured into anything, although he was probably triggered by threats received by some Labour MPs in particular who had not called out for an immediate ceasefire.

With Jo Cox and Sir David Amess at the forefront of his mind, this was his reasoning for favouring Labour’s amendment rather than the SNP’s deliberately politically worded motion which would have incited a Labour revolt.

Fear of reprisals can’t be allowed to dictate what is discussed in Parliament but again it’s just words – semantics and electioneering while people far away continue to die.

Idiots Corner

Tipping Point

Q: In the name of the second highest mountain on earth, K2, what does the K stand for?

A: Kilimanjaro

Q: The Spanish word dos trranslats to which numbr in nglish?

A: Three?

Special mention to the doofus who thought Oscar Wilde wrote The Rocky Horror Show.


Edward Case