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Are you looking for local exposure for your business? Want to build brand awareness in Essex and beyond? Contact us today to discover the benefits of getting your business ad up on our website, where it will be seen by thousands of people in this area and beyond.

Traffic statistics


Yellow Advertiser gets over 26,000 hits per month from visitors in the local area, and this number is growing all the time. 

Take a look at these stats for the last two months (Oct 15th - Dec 15th 2019). As you can see, most of our local audience in this period was made up of new users since we upgraded to a new website.

But people are also coming back to get their local news from us regularly. 

Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.

And this is only our local traffic! Not even half of the overall number! So if you’re thinking bigger than Basildon and beyond Billericay, building brand awareness with a larger audience over a wider radius, then contact us to harness the power of advertising your business alongside our local news stories.

In the same two month period, our articles were seen by people all over the UK, and our reach extended as far as France and even to the USA! (Click on the images to zoom in).

Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.
Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.

Our readers

We’re proud of our traffic statistics and the fact that these numbers are growing. But it’s all a bit impersonal and you’re probably wondering who these people actually are! When you buy ad space on the Yellow Advertiser website, who is actually going to see it?


While Google Analytics isn’t able to see everyone’s demographic data, of the visitors we can track we can see that the bulk of our audience is 25 years old or older, and that we’re particularly popular with 45-54 year olds.

Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.
Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.

We can also see that our readership is made up of an almost even number of men and women, with men making up just a slightly higher number at 54.3% of the audience, so you can be sure that your ad will be seen by men and women in Essex and the surrounding areas.


Google Analytics is also able to track the interests that some of our website visitors have expressed consistently online. If your business falls into any of these categories then we’re particularly well placed to help you get your business ad seen by the right people.

Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.
Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.
Google Analytics Oct 15 - Dec 15 2019.

Advertising options


We can design your ad for you, or alternatively you could design it yourself to the size specifications below, using your own graphic editing software or a web based graphic design solution like Canva, for example.

Advertise on the Yellow Advertiser website

Here’s what you need to know about the sizing and positioning of your ads. We’ll use our placeholders as examples to illustrate. Display sizes will vary depending on screen size and position, but these are the sizes your ad should be designed to.

Sizes/Display Positions

Square Ad

Displayed in sidebars and underneath main content on mobile screens.

Width: 200-300(px),
Height: 200-300(px).


Example is 300x250(px).


Example is 200x200(px).

Vertical Rectangle

Displayed in sidebars and underneath main content on mobile screens.

Width: 200-300(px),
Height: 500-600(px).


Example is 300x500(px).

Horizontal Rectangle

Displayed at top and bottom of every page, in between content on the home page and on article post pages underneath the article.

Width: Up to 728(px),
Height: 90-300(px).

Filler 2

Example is 728x90(px).

Purchasing options

When you’ve selected your ad types you can then choose how many impressions you want and when you want your ad to start running (allowing time for the design). You can send your ad design to [email protected] if you're designing it yourself, or let us know if you want us to design it for you. 

Advertise in our weekly digital edition

The Digital Edition is a weekly roundup of the latest local news, in an easy to read newspaper application. It’s just like a print edition except you read it on your smartphone or computer, thus avoiding the old problems of print distribution. 

This gets sent out by email to everyone who subscribes to it, but subscription to the email notifications is optional. Anyone can access the digital edition by navigating to it using the website menu, or by going to: 

To advertise in our Digital Edition email: [email protected]