An exposé lacking in exposure

Edward Case
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It’s ironic that so much has been said this past week about a run of newspaper articles that actually reveal so little and, up to now anyway, appear to lack a single piece of concrete evidence to back up its claims.

Tabloid editors are many things – savvy being just one of them – but one thing they are most certainly not is idiots, least of all Victoria Newton, editor of The Sun. Hence the absence of any detail that could even remotely identify any of the parties involved.

If one reduces the “scoop” of a senior presenter at the BBC allegedly paying up to £35,000 to a “young person” for explicit photos to its bare bones it comes down to a mother and stepfather complained to the BBC on May 18 this year with an accusation that their estranged son has described as “rubbish”.

And so, what has gone on to dominate the news agenda since last Friday, has been carefully constructed to appeal to the salacious tastes of its readership by appearing to be an exposé without actually exposing anyone.

What really doesn’t help is that the alleged victim, who is now an adult, contacted the paper on Friday via his lawyer and denied anything illegal or inappropriate had happened. The Sun elected to disregard this small matter which would have weakened the story considerably.

Instead they lit the blue touchpaper and let the dogs of social media do the rest, resulting in completely innocent BBC figures being implicated by crazies online and having to come forward and actively deny that the story related to them.

Obviously, I looked into it myself and was even alerted to an alarming photo of one BBC presenter which I strongly suspected to be a deep fake.

There was even talk of MPs invoking Parliamentary Privilege to name the presenter, before anything was actually proven, either via a BBC investigation or the Metropolitan Police.

However, none of that madness means that the report itself is not actually true and just as the credibility of the story was looking to be on shaky ground, yet another twist in the tale came on Tuesday courtesy of BBC News, which in investigating its own parent company came up with the first genuine piece of solid journalism and actual evidence of the entire five days of zig zagging and false accusations – communication via a dating app with a second “young person” linked back to a phone registered to the mystery BBC personality.

Whether it eventually turns out to be a criminal case of underage abuse or just bringing the BBC into disrepute, the whole affair has been a circus of utter chaos.


I disagree with Mhairi Black’s politics on a cellular level, but the SNP MP’s decision to stand down at the next general election due to the toxicity of Westminster is a tragedy.

Still in her twenties, he is the most naturally gifted, no nonsense figure to enter the House of Commons in decades. She cares, she has no censorship button between her brain and her mouth and remains the only person ever to get the C-word into Hansard.

That she chose Scottish politics rather than British is such a shame in my opinion and for her not to be in Parliament in any capacity I going to be an enormous loss to any young voter who needs to see someone on the benches they can actually identify with.


Edward Case