Another one bites the dust

It’s not quite up there with Liz Truss, but the downfall of SNP leader Humza Yousaf will surely go into the history books (albeit as a minor postscript) as an example of a party leader destroying his entire political career seemingly in one ill judged, self sabotaging move.

But there’s so much more to it than that.

Yousaf may have been seen a Sturgeon 2.0, but he was nowhere near the political rottweiler his predecessor had been. The SNP Titanic started taking on water from the moment wee Jimmy Krankie suddenly stood down, just days before the police pitched their tents outside her and the now criminally charged old man’s house.

Ovr the subsequent 13 months things have gone from bad to disastrous.

A deal with the Scottish Greens to create a majority government came at the cost of committing to an undeliverable climate target and when Yousaf finally had to backtrack on the agreement last week, expecting the Greens to pull out of their deal, he opted to act first, so the “hurt” he claimed to have underestimated in his resignation speech on Monday is likely to have been as much about stealing the Greens’ thunder by sacking them without notice before they could make the grand gesture of walking out as it was about the effect on the environment.

But regardless, from that moment a vote of no confidence in his leadership was unavoidable with little chance of surviving it unless he was prepared to do a deal with the SNP’s mortal enemy Alex Salmond’s Alba party (or should that be duo?) and the party’s one MSP, former SNP leadership contender Ash Regan.

That was never going to happen because the condition attached to that sort of partnership would be the very thing that has distracted the Scottish assembly from the day to day concerns of the population such as the cost of living crisis – this obsession with independence at all costs as soon as possible.

With more pressing things to worry about than a rerun of the Battle of Culloden, many Scots are becoming disillusioned with the SNP’s priorities and the new leader, which looks to have already been decided by the grey kilts regardless of who else decides to throw their tam o shanter into the ring will need to keep that in mind.

Even Westminster’s Feyd-Rautha, Stephen Flynn, is backing former Deputy First Miniter John Swinney, who would basically be the more of the same candidate, rather than putting himself forward.

With the only altrenative at present gay marriage naysayer Kate Forbes and the ongoing legal issuees regarding finances, it’s looking pretty grim up north.

Glad I’m not Scottish.


According to Dobby the Hogwarts Elf there are 500 “highly trained individuals” waiting to accompany the unlucky half a dozen migrants the authorities manage to round up to Rwanda.

Highly trained, I presume, in telling the passengers that the emergency exits here, here and here are all locked from the outside.


Quote of the week has to be Labour deputy leader Angla Rayner referring to Rishi Sunak as a “pint sized loser”.

Idiots corner

The Chase

Q: Which monarch was crowned 11 years after the death of Queen Victoris?

A: Queen Victoria II?

Tipping Point:

Q: The Manchester United player who scored for England in the 2021 World Cup qualifier against Poland was Harry who?

A: Redknapp

Also, the guy on Winning Combination who thought Chairman Mao was Emperor of Japan and MP Chris Philp on Question Time for not getting his head around Congo and Rwanda being two different countries.


Edward Case