Any chance of a reaction, Blues? Evidently not!

Torquay United v Southend United – Vanarama National League – Plainmoor – Saturday (3pm) – Preview

Woe is me – The End Is Nigh? 

I requested a reaction from Southend United following last Saturday’s defeat at Halifax. Tuesday came and went, it was denied!

I believed Southend had just about enough to see off an Aldershot Town side that arrived at Roots Hall Stadium without a point from their previous five Vanarama National League outings. Well, we didn’t.

I also recently proposed that the Blues had fallen about as far as they could and that they had enough to avoid a third successive relegation. Again, evidence in recent weeks has suggested otherwise.

Defensively lazy and inept, weak and unimaginative in midfield leading to a lack of opportunities for the attack. Blues are getting the basics wrong, suggesting yet again that they are a collection of footballers who simply aren’t good enough. I can see it – You can see it and judge by his reaction, Phil Brown can see it too.

Once again, here we are going over the same old ground. There have been several occasions in recent times that it has felt like the proverbial ‘end game’ for Southend United – today’s mood feels no different.

Phil Brown called out his charges for the third time following the Aldershot debacle. Though I favour a ‘letting ‘em know’ approach, this – like everything else connected with the club – is becoming a bit repetitive. 

I believe Brown sent his players out for a long-distance run the morning after their latest defeat (alright, which one of you said; hopefully, off the end of the pier?). Personally, I don’t believe pounding the pavement is going to make them any better footballers. 

Indeed, as much as I doffed my cap in Phil’s direction after restoring a crumb of pride towards the back end of last season, there are ominous signs that the group are no longer responding. Ironically, just as they were towards him when this all started to get messy some four years ago.

I hope the manager hasn’t already lost the dressing room. After all, the revolving Roots Hall door has barely stopped spinning in recent times as a collective of naive appointments made their way in, and for my liking all too slowly, back out again. Recent history suggests either the hierarchy are incompetent where managerial appointments are concerned, or in plain and simple terms, the cream of the crop are giving Southend United a wide berth – Ultimately, I’d wager it’s a bit of both.

Anyway, paragraph five; going over the same old ground

I took the liberty of skimming back through my Yellow Sport Blues back-catalogue from this past year. Firstly, and before we take a treacherous trip down Memory Lane – let’s not forget that 3,100 supporters purchased a season card, buoyed further by internal appointments (finally, a CEO) and a clutch of exciting new signings (not my words).

The first thing that struck me was a post from March 18, ahead of Southend’s trip to Scunthorpe United;

Nothing has actually changed. Southend was in deep trouble then and are in deep trouble now. Indeed, it is open to debate just how long the club has been in trouble. A season? Three seasons? Twenty-two years?


On March 22, shortly before Walsall arrived at Roots Hall, a posted;

The fans’ anger has reached new levels – can anyone inside Roots Hall actually hear them? More to the point, do they want to?

Well, I think we surpassed ourselves this past week…

March 24, a trip to Harrogate Town hovered on the horizon after opportunities to haul ourselves away from the dropzone have been passed up against both Scunthorpe and Walsall. 

At the end of the day, eight of the starting eleven were recruited during Molelsley tenure at Roots Hall. To throw them under the bus now would evaporate any droplet of enthusiasm amongst the group and as good as admit that they are not good enough to compete competently in League Two.

Interestingly, eight of the starting eleven at Halifax were recruited by Brown in one or the other of his stints with the club. A different approach – similar results – replace League Two with National League!

March 11, Blues v Stevenage preview…

Are you satisfied that everyone at Southend United are doing everything in their power for the good of the football club?

I repeat the question?

Judging by the reaction on social media to Tuesday’s toothless escapade, I’d say not too many. Chairman Ron Martin and manager, Mark Molesley (Fast-forward six months; Phil Brown) again bore the brunt. Rightly so – they make the decision, the blame rests squarely at their feet.

On the pitch, Southend supporters are only interested in what their team can do, and indeed, have done. If they haven’t done it, they want to know why?

Somebody, please answer the question!

I think it’s pretty clear that any optimism installed during the summer has been beaten out of us within these opening six league matches. If you still can’t see it, let me spell it out for you. Southend United Football Club will be non-league for the long haul. The people charged with stopping the rot are still failing us agonisingly and abysmally. 

At the risk of being criticised for lazy journalism and again regurgitating old news, I’ll leave you with the emotional words sent to me by a lifelong Blues fan of more than five decades and published on March 18 ahead of that gut-wrenching trip to Glanford Park;

I put too many years and energy into Southend United to accept this end. 

I fought for our club and gave everything. Now, these people are taking it all away. Killing it. I could cry and certainly will cry. It has meant so much.

“They will never understand.”

Does anyone out there still disagree?

Jeevesie’s prediction: Torquay United 2-1 Southend United


Brian Jeeves