Basildon celebrates National Energy Saving Week

Mick Ferris

Last week, in support of National Energy Saving Week, Basildon Council joined forces with fellow Beam Energy partner Barking and Dagenham Council to meet pupils at Henry Green Primary School in Dagenham, who were taking part in a zero-electricity hour.

The partnership with not-for-profit energy provider Beam Energy means that both councils can offer green and renewable energy, using electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels to residents.

Beam Energy offers an alternative to the Big Six energy companies who have between them around 75 per cent of the market and could save up to £152 per household compared to an average of the big six energy suppliers.

Leader of Basildon Council, Gavin Callaghan, said: “Basildon Council’s partnership with Beam Energy offers real benefits to our residents, providing a cost effective, renewable, not-for-profit alternative.

“Being able to keep prices low will benefit the 6,500 households across the borough officially in fuel poverty, which is particularly severe for the most vulnerable members of our community.

“Simple changes such as switching your energy supplier can make a big difference. We’re encouraging residents to get a quote; it takes less than two minutes and could save you money.”

Basildon Council also hosted free energy advice sessions at the Advice Store St Martin’s Square this week, run by charity Signpost and sponsored by the National Citizen Advice team.

Anyone who wants to see how much they could save can visit  or freephone 0800 953 4555.


Mick Ferris

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