Basildon Council announces new committees – economics and borough’s governance come to the fore

Basildon councillors have agreed changes to Basildon Council’s Committees — with economic recovery and the future of the borough’s governance prioritised.

Leader of Basildon Council, Cllr Gavin Callaghan said: “These changes put us in a stronger position to bring a greater focus to economic recovery and take back control of decision making.

“We are supporting local business and planning for a stronger and more resilient local economy.

“Sensible economic support that creates opportunities for our residents is our focus, and our committees will continue to help make the conditions for economic growth over the next ten years.

“Basildon is the economic powerhouse of Essex and we intend to strengthen further from that base by taking positive action, and not sit back and hope it will take care of itself as others have.”

Among the changes are a new committee whose mandate encompasses working on the future of the borough’s governance: the new Local Government Reorganisation and Transition Committee, chaired by Cllr Adele Brown.

Cllr Brown said: “There will be important long-term implications for our borough from the Government’s White Paper about local government reorganisation, which is expected imminently.

“If we are to change councils we need to change them so they work better for the people of Basildon—so that you know who runs your services and they know you—and so that they are strong enough to speak up effectively for our borough and deliver what you need.”

The changes were agreed at a meeting of Staffing Matters and Review Sub-Committee on Tuesday September 22.

The full list of new committees and chairmen:

Policy & Resources: Cllr Gavin Callaghan
Housing & Communities: Cllr Kerry Smith
Neighbourhoods & Public Spaces: Cllr David Harrison
Economic Development & Recovery: Cllr Aidan McGurran
Strategic Planning & Infrastructure: Cllr Jack Ferguson
Local Government Reorganisation & Transition: Cllr Adele Brown
Town Centre Revival: Cllr Gavin Callaghan
Planning: Cllr Adele Brown
Licensing: Cllr Imelda Clancy
Standards: Cllr Melissa McGeorge
Audit & Risk: Cllr Allan Davies

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