Basildon Council announces plan to build 1,000 new homes in five years

BASILDON Council has announced plans to build 1,000 new homes in five years.

The bulk of the properties will be constructed by the council’s house-building company, but roughly a fifth are planned under the council’s own, separate development programme.

Approximately 200 homes constructed under the council programme by 2025 will be used as council houses, the authority said.

Meanwhile, the council said its house-building company Sempra Homes had ‘grown in ambition’ and was now ‘set to double previous development projections’.

The company was created in 2014, under the leadership of Conservative councillor Phil Turner, but received cross-party support.

Some of the properties are used as council houses. Others are sold on the private market, raising money to continue building more homes.

Some of those put onto the private market are sold under shared ownership schemes, whereby buyers can buy a percentage of their home and pay rent on the rest, then up the percentage they own over time.

The company has delivered 67 properties since its creation, but the council said it now anticipated Sempra having built around 1,000 homes by 2025.

Deputy council leader Kerry Smith, chairman of the Housing Development Sub-Committee, said: “We’re building homes which meet the gap the council’s housing waiting list doesn’t meet.

“Our aim is to reduce the numbers of people being pushed into the private rental market, which has huge rents that put people in financial hardship.”

Charles Thomson

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