Basildon Council to launch new lottery with £25,000 prize, to help local charities

A NEW Basildon lottery will be launched next month with a top prize of £25,000, the borough’s mayor has announced.

The scheme will benefit local community groups and charities.

Mayor David Burton-Sampson announced his intention to create a Basildon lottery when he was elected to the role earlier this year.

Details of the Basildon Borough Community Lottery were announced last week.

Tickets will be sold online or by phone for £1, of which 60p will go directly to local good causes.

The remaining 40p will be split down the middle with 20p going into the prize fund and 20p going towards the cost of running the scheme.

Each ticket will have six numbers and the council claimed every ticket would have a one in 50 chance of winning a prize.

If a player matches all six numbers, they will win £25,000. Five numbers will win them £2,000 and four numbers will win £250. Three numbers will win £25, whilst two numbers will win three new tickets.

The draws will take place every Saturday night.

Local charities have been invited to register with the council to benefit from the scheme.

When customers buy their tickets, they will be able to choose from a list of registered charities which one they want to benefit from their purchase.

They will be able to select whether to give 45p to their chosen charity and 15p to the mayor’s chosen charities, or all 60p to the mayor’s chosen charities.

Each year, the newly-elected mayor chooses different charities to fundraise for.

After his election, Cllr Burton-Sampson said he would raise money for the Jo Cox Foundation and then create a separate fund to support smaller community groups.

Announcing details of the lottery scheme last week, the mayor said: “I know from speaking to local community groups and charities that there are a lot of people who work really hard to raise money to support their projects.

“The Basildon Borough Community Lottery is an extra way we can give a real boost to their fundraising efforts and establish a regular income stream for groups who do so much to help our communities.

“I would encourage any local groups and charities to please visit the website to register their interest in being a part of this.”

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