Basildon Hospital revamp plan abandoned but services still set to move to town centre

PLANS to revamp the entrance to Basildon Hospital have been abandoned, a council document has revealed.

In 2017, Basildon Council and the hospital trust (BTUH) publicly announced that they had entered into a ‘memorandum of understanding’ to work together on the regeneration project.

The agreement had said Basildon Council would take out a loan to build the new reception, then recoup the money by leasing some of the space to retail chains.

The current reception arrangement was described as ‘far from ideal’, saying ‘a very poor layout’ was causing ‘significant conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, including ambulances’.

But a report – to be discussed by the council’s Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee next Wednesday, November 27 – said the scheme had now been abandoned.

It said: “Following a viability review, BTUH decided that the project was not viable to proceed with further at this time.”

But the report said the council and the hospital trust were still working together on an idea to move some hospital services into the town centre.

The document said the trust was being involved in the creation of a new town centre masterplan.

It said: “Options will be considered seeking opportunities to provide health facilities within the town centre.

“Land use considerations are being developed in consultation with healthcare stakeholders, including the clinical commissioning group and BTUH.

“Considerations will include the aspiration for relocation of ‘non acute’ services away from the hospital campus and into the town centre.

“This will result in the provision of new, modern facilities, as well as a welcome boost to visitors and footfall into the town centre.”

The Neigbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee will meet to discuss healthcare provision in the borough at the Bas Centre next Wednesday, November 27, at 7pm.

Mick Ferris

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