Basildon pensioner thanks domestic abuse officer after son is jailed

A mother from Basildon has thanked a domestic abuse officer for the support she received after her son was jailed for breaching a restraining order.

Dora Williams, 85, met PC Lizzy Viney, of Basildon’s Domestic Abuse Investigations Team, at her home on Wednesday where they discussed a number of topics, including the case, over a cup of tea.

On Wednesday July 1, Dora’s son, Robin Williams, 53, of no fixed address, was sent to prison for 12 weeks at Southend Magistrates’ Court for two counts of breaching a restraining order.

He has previously been made subject of a restraining order after being convicted in April this year for assaulting her.

He continued to breach the order and was arrested on June 29.

Dora said: “No mother likes to know that their child is in prison. However, I’m more at ease now.

“It was a difficult life with Robin up until his arrest and I’m pleased officers were quick to respond when I needed help.

“I know he didn’t want to go to prison and he’s not a bad person. Unfortunately, he had been living a chaotic lifestyle ahead of his arrest.

“I would urge parents to call the police if they are being abused by their grown up children. I know it can be tough but they may turn their lives around. I’m hopeful my son will.

“Basildon DAIT has been amazing and I’ve been sending thank you cards. They are good people. They have been worried about me and they have come around several times.

“I’m thankful for the police and for officers like Lizzy.”

PC Viney said: “It was great to see Dora today, she was in good spirits.

“We try to build good relationships with all people reporting abuse and today’s visit was part of my work to support Dora.

“When the abuse is between a parent and their child – no matter their age – it can be hard for the victim to come forward and support a prosecution as the perpetrator is a member of their own family.

“I commend Dora for recognising that her son needs help and that she needs protection.

“Dora was incredibly brave to support a prosecution, which understandably was difficult for her.”

Detective Inspector Sophie Hammonds said: “Dora’s story reflects how so many parents struggle in silence with domestic abuse at the hands of their children, who are in fact now grown adults capable of causing them serious harm.

“This kind of abuse is happening every day, often behind closed doors to members of our community, and it’s important that we raise awareness about it.

“Lizzy has supported Dora throughout the investigation and it has been pleasing for me to see first-hand today the good relationship that they have.

“Dora has shown great bravery by raising awareness about this form of domestic abuse and I thank her for her kind words.”


Mick Ferris

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