Basildon singers and musicians record tribute to NHS workers and carers

Singers and musicians from across the borough of Basildon have collaborated on a special tribute to say thank you to the borough’s NHS workers, carers and key workers.

They have recorded a new version of Only You, the 80s hit for the band Yazoo, which was written by Vince Clarke and sung by Alison Moyet, both of Basildon at the time. Vince Clarke was happy to give his blessing to the re-recording, which features a new set of lyrics changing the words Only You to We Thank You.

People who listen to and enjoy the track are being asked to donate to Basildon Hospital’s COVID-19 appeal (

Local producer Pete Booker put together the musical track for the singers to accompany. Local musician and songwriter Ben Fisher, who also works at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon, coordinated the project and features on the song. The singers recorded themselves in the isolation and in the safety of their own homes and Pete mixed the final song.

Basildon Council employees Adrian Wardle, Grant Taylor and Paul Brace, wrote the new lyrics.

Council Leader, Cllr Gavin Callaghan said: “Yet again Basildon borough’s community has come up trumps in finding creative ways to show its support for NHS workers, carers an all key workers who are putting themselves on the line for us all during this public health emergency.

“I love the song and hope everyone else does too.”

The song will be available on the Towngate Theatre YouTube, Facebook (@towngate) and Instagram (@towngatetheatre) channels and Basildon Council Facebook (@basildonboroughcouncil) and Instagram (@together­_basildon) channels and we ask people to share it using the #thankyoubasildon.

Watch the We Thank You song video.


Mick Ferris

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