Brentwood bar given 3am Christmas Day licence

A Brentwood bar that was slapped with extra conditions after witnessing a double stabbing earlier in the year is allowed to stay open until 3am over four separate nights – including Christmas Day.

But last entry at Bloc 40 on the High Street remains at midnight following representations from Essex Police in light of conditions imposed after the serious incident in which two men were stabbed there in May.

The bar had wanted to extend last entry to 1.30am for Sunday, October 17 as an undetermined event, Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24 as pre Halloween events and another on Christmas Day.

But Gary Burke, Essex Police Senior Licensing Officer, said Essex Police would not be willing to support late entry given the suspects involved in the stabbings had entered at 1am.

He said: “Essex Police would not be willing to support that request as the midnight time for last entry was agreed for a reason in that the suspect group involved in the incident that led to the hearing entered at approximately 1am.”

Some new conditions were imposed on the bar after two men, aged in their 20s, were left with with non-life-threatening stab wounds to their legs.

These include a condition that the outside licensed area will have a screen installed along the wall to a maximum of two metres to prevent objects from falling off or being thrown.

Door staff will need to be on the terrace after 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as public holidays until closing time. Noise reduction measures will need to be installed too.

Last orders has been allowed to be extended from 2am to 3am but it was made clear an extension to 1.30am last entry should not be allowed.

Mr Burke told the Brentwood Council licensing sub-committee today (October 11): “A lot of work went into in agreeing these conditions with the premises at end of June following an incident in the premises.

“Essex Police would be unhappy to support a temporary event notice that didn’t contain any conditions whatsoever after such a short amount time passing since those conditions were put on the licence.

“So that is why we have requested all the conditions to be put on the temporary event notice so that the entire time they are open – whether under premises licence temporary event notice – they will be covered by those conditions.

“They were put in place to help them meet the licensing objectives “


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter