Brentwood Council urged to ignore green belt rules over former skip site

Navestock residents are urging Brentwood Council to approve an application to develop a skip yard into housing.

Spring Farm, together with a small parcel of land adjacent to it, is now the subject of a planning application to build 14 homes on the 1.6-hectare site.

The site was initially used as a pig farm but in recent years has become a ground for waste.

However, residents are worried Brentwood Council’s planning officers are set to recommend the application be refused on the grounds it sits in the green belt.

Residents say they are strongly in favour of homes rather than the current mess.

A spokesperson for Architects Acanthus who have submitted the planning application on behalf of three local residents who are the planning applicants, said: “This neighbourhood has been blighted by the filth and rubbish that’s been dumped at Spring Farm for years and this is the only opportunity to transform the area into something that accords with the appeal of the wider rural area.

“We understand that council officers want to say ‘no’ to the new homes on the basis of ‘technical rules’ however this is not what local people want.

“They want this approved. Not all green belt is green and this site certainly isn’t. And so we hope that local councillors will do the sensible thing and grant the planning application for the greater good.”

Brentwood Council’s recent consultation on the Spring Farm planning application has yielded strong written support from nearby residents.

Clint Anderson says “We 100 per cent support this application. It will improve the area in many ways. It will also be a very positive decision if planning permission is granted for this location”.

Jayne Howell says “I have recently moved to the area, I did not realise what a mess Spring Farm was, not only are fires bellowing out with thick black smoke and terrible fumes there is a continuous flow of waste entering the site, the site, in my opinion, is attracting fly-tipping and all kinds of anti-social behaviour which residents have been having to put up with now for far too long.

“The site does not seem to be managed and in terms of responsibility, nobody seems to be making any proactive moves. This application is a blessing and I for one am in full support of putting Navestock back on the map for the right reasons”

Joanne Beecham added: “We would like to state that we completely back and support the planning application to build houses on Spring Farm. This is definitely the best solution to secure the area”.

Brentwood Council says it cannot comment on planning matters ahead of decision meetings.


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter