Brentwood in new crackdown on litter and fly tipping

Brentwood Borough Council has appointed National Enforcement Solutions to boost the enforcement of litter and fly tipping around the borough.

The new patrols will see a team of Environmental Enforcement Officers start enforcement from Monday February 1.

The council already has a small team of corporate enforcement officers who deal with a variety of out of hours issues which includes littering and fly tipping offences as well as other community safety issues.

With NES working alongside the team the aim is to reduce the amount of waste on the streets in the borough.

Cllr Maria Pearson with rubbish dumped in Herongate

Environment, Enforcement and Housing chair, Cllr Maria Pearson said; “It is a crying shame that in this day and age we still face problems with irresponsible people dropping litter, and in the worse cases flytipping our green spaces.

“Our determination to tackle this problem has led us to appoint a new team to help support our existing officers who also have to deal with ASB, COVID lockdown enforcement and much more.

“The vast majority of people are responsible but this move is aimed at targeting the stubborn few who refuse to change their behaviour so they can be held to account.”

NES will work to identify and target hot spot areas around Brentwood known for excessive littering and fouling as part of a year long trial. The officers are paid an hourly rate and do not receive any bonuses or performance pay for the number of notices issued.

Cllr Pearson added; “This company has a track record of bringing down the number of littering incidents through their patrols and enforcement action and we hope that this success will play out in Brentwood too.

“We have a beautiful green borough with huge swathes of green belt and this is what residents value so highly so I am confident that this new initiative will help protect the surroundings we all love.”

Anyone caught fly tipping can be issued with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or be prosecuted. Littering carries a £150 fine (reduced to £75 if paid early) and dog fouling £80.

Mick Ferris

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