Brexit fatigue no excuse to get on with it

I can fully appreciate why so many are heartily sick of Brexit; billions has been spent on it so far, and more money continues to be wasted. 

I can totally understand why many are fed up with what has happened since the referendum took place; not only has the hate from all sides grown worse, (not least the anti-immigrant sentiment and xenophobic language unfortunately expressed now more openly by some), but still, all those UK citizens living in other EU countries and EU nationals that live in the UK are in a state of limbo, a dreadfully unfair position for them to be in, particularly as many were denied a say on the matter. 

Being sick and tired of hearing about Brexit is not a reason to simply ‘get on with it’ however; Brexit fatigue risks any old form of Brexit being forced on the country and will, undoubtedly lead to a deal far worse than the one we currently enjoy as an EU member.

And the electorate, however they voted, are right to be angry – those in positions of power and influence have never been straight with the general public about the realities and complexities of leaving the EU. 

The least MPs could do is be honest about how leaving will affect people’s day to day lives. And please, let us know how it will benefit us, individually, and as a country, if it does happen; I am still waiting for an answer to this, three years on.

One thing I fully agree with the government on – there are far more important issues which we should be focusing on right now – let’s revoke, remain, and do just that.

Katy Treverton