Brown down but defiant after derby defeat

Colchester United 2-0 Southend United – Reaction

Phil Brown was clearly shaken by dismal Southend United’s derby defeat at Colchester.

First-half goals from Michael Folivi and Harry Pell as good as condemned the Blues to National League football next season, while ensuring their own safety in the process.

Nevertheless, the Blues chief refused the frow in the towel: “I don’t think it’s virtually condemned us at all,” he explained.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ll keep going and I’ll keep on doing my job to the best of my ability.

“I thought there was a spell in the first half that was almost like they’d lost the script. We set a script out and we set a game-plan out with regards to the three games we’ve been involved in.”

Brown admitted he got it tactically wrong and confessed former Blues and West Ham striker, Frank Nouble had contributed to his sides’ downfall: “Colchester tonight surprised me, so if anybody got it wrong tactically it was me because Colchester all season have been playing from the back but tonight they didn’t try and play. They didn’t try and play at all, they went physical and went up to the frontman, and the difference between the teams was the frontman.

“I’m not Frank’s biggest friend, I’m not his biggest enemy either, but I admired what he did. He held the ball up for them and that got them into the final third with a little bit more quality than what we did. To be disappointed with the fact that Frank Nouble was the difference between the two sides hurts me a little bit.”


Brian Jeeves

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