Brown looks to the future, but will he still be with Blues?

Barrow 1-2 Southend United – Reaction

Phil Brown reflected upon Southend United’s relegation from the Football League and offered an insight into his future as the club looks to rebuild ahead of a first season in non-league football in more than a century.

Blues were relegated despite coming from behind to win at Barrow – John White and Terrell Egbri on target to secure their second successive league victory, albeit too little too late.

“It’s not a time for tears or anything like that; it’s a time for looking back at the season and asking yourself, first and foremost, could I have done any more – individually and then collectively,” the Blues chief explained.

“We all have those dark hours in the morning where you’re staring at the wall or staring at the mirror and you’re thinking to yourself: I’ve let myself down, therefore I’ve let my teammates down, I’ve let my family down and I’ve let the club down. How many of them individuals will do that, I don’t know, but they’re the only ones that I’m interested in.

“We were talking about the likes of Terrell Egbri, talking about how coming into a physical game wouldn’t be any good to us – absolutely not, he’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in my career. These players have got to look at themselves, not dust themselves down and say I’ve done a half-decent job; they’ve got to take responsibility for what this club’s not achieved this year or the reality of this club going into a division which it’s not been in 100 years.

“We’re all responsible, but how many will actually do that, I don’t know.”
On remaining at Roots Hall bey9ond the end of this season, Brown added: “I always like to be a part of a challenge, but I have to make it realistic.

“You have to understand about budgets, about contracts, about my situation, which has totally changed since the last time I was at Southend United. The club has totally changed – I left the club knocking on the door to the Championship and now we’re in the fifth tier, which is a sobering thought, to say the least.

“But the realism of it is if we can be competitive from a budget point of view that might just be enough to attract me and enough to attract players to the football club that can compete.”


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