Burglar jailed after helping himself to glass of brandy

A man, who was identified after drinking a glass of brandy whilst committing a burglary, has been sentenced to four years in prison.

An investigation was launched on May 21 2023 following reports of a burglary, which occurred on Cleve Avenue in Brentwood at around 11:30pm.

The victims, an elderly man and his wife were asleep when they were woken up by a man stood next to their bed. He claimed to be in the property to administer medication. When confronted, he left the address.

Officer attended the address quickly and found that £40 in cash had been stolen. In addition to this, a brandy bottle and a used glass had been left on the side.

Fingerprint analysis on the glass identified Colin McIvor as the suspect. Further CCTV enquiries showed McIvor in the proximity of the offence around that the time.

He was arrested four days later, on suspicion of burglary dwelling. When questioned, McIvor tried to claim that the victim had invited him into his flat to drink brandy. Despite this he was charged.

Colin Mcivor, 47 of Station Road, Upminster appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court on Wednesday February 28 where he was sentenced to four years in prison after a jury found him guilty.

Detective Constable Joshua Yelland said “McIvor broke into the home of two vulnerable people, one of whom was requiring medical care. He tried to manipulate them into thinking he was there to give medication before he stole £40 and helped himself to a drink.”