Car parking charges set to increase across Chelmsford

Parking charges are set to increase across Chelmsford from April.

Charges on the whole are staying the same for people parking for two hours but will increase by 50p for all other lengths of time.

It means fees for example at High Chelmer and Meadows are set to remain at £3 for two hours, but for all other lengths of time fees are set to increase by 50p during the day.

Riverside and Waterloo Lane and Baddow Road car park charging will stay at £2.80 for two hours but all other charging periods will also increase by 50p.

Chelmsford City Council expects income from parking will increase from the budgeted £5.2m in 2021/22 when Covid affected income badly to £6.7m in 2022/23.

The council is predicting that car parking income will be around 82 per cent of pre-covid levels in 2022/23 and will not return fully due to permanent changes in behaviour by car park users such as working from home and internet shopping.

The council has admitted that in the coming years it will need to determine what the new level of demand for car parking is and review its car parking provision accordingly.

Taking account of current usage trends it is also increasing the long-stay charges in 2022/23.

In station car parks (Townfield Street, Glebe Road and Fairfield Road), the proposal is to increase the tariffs to £9 all day from £8.50.

Townfield Street, Glebe Road and Fairfield Road car parks will be changed from long-stay to mixed-stay to help support businesses in this part of the city.

The outer-City long-stay car parks of Coval Lane, Moulsham Street, Rectory Lane East and West, Waterhouse Lane and Regina Road currently charge £6.50 all day. It is proposed that these are increased to £7.

Waterhouse Lane car park is currently £5 all day and it is proposed that this is increased to £5.50.

For Baddow Road car park, it is proposed to reduce the all-day tariff from £9.50 to £7 to increase demand and usage.

The council suspended car park charge increases last year to help business coming out of lockdown.

Stephen Robinson, leader of Chelmsford City Council, said: “This year we are putting up car park charges but not all of them. The two hour charges stay the same because that is the most common fee people pay.

“We are making some increases which reflect usage patterns and car park charges are always an important part of balancing our budget so we can invest in core services like bin collections.”


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter