Castle Point local election candidates

Local elections across Castle Point will see candidates fight to be elected on to the borough council when voters go to the polls on Thursday, May 4.

Under the council election system where a third of seats are being fought for 14 seats are being contested across the borough council’s 14 wards.

The council is being run with no overall control under a coalition between the People’s Independent Party and Canvey Island Independent Party.

The current makeup has 15 Conservatives, 16 Canvey Island Independent Party members and 10 from the People’s Independent Party.

The new administration will have some difficult issues facing it – not least over the council’s attempts to re-write its local plan and where thousands of homes should be built.


  • Benjamin Bizzell, People`s Independent Party
  • Wayne Johnson, Conservative
  • Mark Maguire, Labour And Co-Operative Party


  • Gwyn Bailey, Labour
  • Rob Lillis, People`s Independent Party
  • Chas Mumford, Conservative

Canvey Island Central

  • Dave Blackwell, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • Nikki Drogman, Conservative
  • Terry Miller, Labour

Canvey Island East

  • Pat Haunts, Conservative
  • Jackie Reilly, Labour
  • Grace Watson, Canvey Island Independent Party

Canvey Island North

  • Michael Fuller, Canvey Island Independent Party
  • Maggie McArthur-Curtis, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Adrian Roper, Conservative

Canvey Island South

  • Richard Bannister, Liberal Democrats
  • Daniel Curtis, Labour
  • Wayne Lammert, Conservative
  • Janice Payne, Canvey Island Independent Party

Canvey Island West

  • Heidi Cox, Labour
  • Sean Quartermaine, Independent
  • John Stone, Conservative
  • David Thomas, Canvey Island Independent Party

Canvey Island Winter Gardens

  • Liz Anderson, Labour and Co-Operative Party
  • Jeffrey Stanley, Conservative
  • Graham Withers, Canvey Island Independent Party

Cedar Hall

  • Moreblessing Chasiya, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Gareth Howlett, People`s Independent Party
  • Colin Maclean, Conservative
  • Keiron McGill, Reform UK

St George`s

  • Nicola Benson, People`s Independent Party
  • Katie Curtis, Labour
  • Jack Fortt, Conservative

St James`

  • Sonny Allain, People`s Independent Party
  • Geoffrey Duff, Liberal Democrats
  • Dina Mehdi, Labour
  • Jacqui Thornton, Conservative
  • Simon Woodward, Reform UK

St Mary`s

  • Laurence Chapman, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • James Cutler, Conservative
  • Di Jones, People`s Independent Party

St Peter`s

  • Michael Dearson, People`s Independent Party
  • Michael Dixon, Conservative
  • Bill Emberson, Labour


  • Joe Cooke, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Eleanor Dixon, Conservative
  • John Knott, People`s Independent Party

Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter