Chief constable thanks residents for staying indoors over Easter weekend

Mick Ferris

Essex Police Chief Constable, Ben-Julian Harrington, would like to thank all those who stayed at home and saved lives over the Easter weekend.

Officers, including the chief constable himself, were on patrol throughout the county as they continued to help people, keep everyone safe and catch criminals.

In the run up to the bank holiday, Mr Harrington headed to Epping Forest and to Southend where he joined PC Mesher and PC Martin from the Community Policing Team to patrol the seaside town and encourage those who weren’t, to follow government direction and advice.

“Southend seafront is a popular bank-holiday destination for locals and visitors alike, even more so when the weather is as nice as it was over the Easter weekend” said the chief constable.

“However, this weekend Essex was united in one goal; to help protect the NHS and save lives by staying at home.

“This was not just reflected in Southend, but I’m proud to say, throughout Essex.”

Over the course of the bank-holiday weekend, no arrests were made in Essex but 14 fixed penalty notices were issued to those who refused to follow the restrictions put in place by the Government, despite officers making multiple attempts to persuade them to stay home and stay safe.

“We are ready to uphold the law and will do so when it is proportionate and necessary, but our priority remains the same” added the chief.

“We will engage with people, we will explain why it’s so important that they follow the social restrictions put in place and then we will encourage them to keep doing the right thing.

“I would like to thank every person in Essex who stayed at home this Easter weekend, you helped to protect the NHS and you helped to save lives.

“When my officers are not on duty, they are at home and they are doing the same as you. We are all in this together and together we will get through this.”


Mick Ferris

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