Clarets fans make their point clear ahead of league opener

Chelmsford City supporters staged a peaceful march ahead of Saturday’s Vanarama National League opener against St Albans City at the Melbourne Stadium.

The protest, aimed at the clubs’ unpopular owners, Betsi, gathered momentum outside the turnstiles ahead of kick-off. The group also hit back against City chairman, Steve Shore, who released a lengthy statement on Saturday lunchtime condemning the protest.

“The chairman’s report – which was published just an hour or so before our protest – is laughable nonsense,” said C4C spokesman Edd Slater. 

“Any suggestion that the six aims we published in March are anywhere near being met simply exists outside of reality. Take for a start our number one aim, representation on the Football Club’s board. No Supporters’ Club representative has attended a board meeting, indeed no board meeting even appears to have taken place. We do not have a functioning board of directors.”

“What progress that has been made has happened because of the protests, and more is needed beyond a new carpet and finally replacing the broken light bulbs in the clubhouse toilets.”

Mr Slater added: “We are also particularly surprised at the claim the Supporters’ Club had approved the Chairman’s statement following the most recent meeting between Supporters’ Club representatives and the Football Club. As far as we are aware minutes of that meeting have yet to be agreed, and certainly have not been published, and indeed the Supporters’ Club only last week issued a statement condemning the owners’ ‘duplicity’ and urging fans to join our protest. And we have already requested a meeting with not only Steve Shore but with owner John Holmes as well, via a public question and answer meeting open for all supporters to attend and ask questions.”

“Saturday’s protest – and the fact that the vast majority of our fan base has signed our petition calling on Betsi to quit – is a clear message that we’re not going away. John Holmes needs to do the decent thing, and make way for those with the passion and commitment to take our great club forward.”

Chairman Steve Shore has been invited to comment or provide a statement at any time.

Brian Jeeves