Collymore hits out at Martin statement

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Former Southend United frontman and fans favourite, Stan Collymore has issued a response to a statement posted by Blues chairman, Ron Martin posted on the clubs’ official website earlier this evening.

Collymore, who spoke to Blues fans groups as well as the media via zoom, insisted in this latest statement that Mr Martin ‘is no longer a fit nor proper owner of Southend United Football Club’ – The 50-year-old, who also represented Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Aston Villa during his playing career, provided a frustrated response. 

Posting to the Fansite, Shrimperzone, Collymore explained;

Dear all

I’ve read Ron Martin’s statement and it is no surprise to me that he has embarked in a glowing tribute of his own stewardship of Southend United despite being in the worst position on and off the pitch that the club arguably has ever been in.

The statement doesn’t even make sense regarding me as I posted an email on here (thank goodness I decided to go down the transparency route), which I then received a reply to yesterday ( enclosed), and a phone message today saying Ron was busy with meetings in London yesterday, likely the same Monday so could I chat with him Tuesday or Wednesday to which I confirmed either day.

So which is it? It’s not true that we were due to talk today but in the next paragraph, he says he was due to talk to me? Not only does this pettiness fundamentally disrespect a genuine attempt to help him out of a mess of his and only his creating as the club is rudderless on and off the pitch but he essentially is calling me a liar despite showing my transparency to all of you in the last week.

Ron Martin is no longer a fit nor proper owner of Southend United Football Club in my opinion and that a statement that fiddles a tune about his benefaction while Rome burns is a desperately worrying state of affairs.

Should the amazing outpouring of support from supporters, employees and ex-employees of the club hold firm with a mandate from all to effect change then as far as I’m concerned today is the day that Southend United is morally owned by its supporters with Ron Martin’s ownership being seen as hostile, unwilling or unable to change course.

I call upon every Southend United supporter, wherever you are to now accept that change is needed or this 115-year-old institution, literally built by fans for the benefit of fans will die.

A tone-deaf statement at a time when ears, hearts and minds needed desperately to be opened.

Stan Collymore

Mr Martin has come in for heavy criticism from Blues supporters concerned over the clubs finances, poor performances on the field and what they believe to be a lack of clarity over the clubs’ proposed move to Fossett’s Farm.


Brian Jeeves