Community comes together to revamp park in Eastwood

Mick Ferris
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A local councillor and community volunteers have continued a programme of revamping park equipment by painting the swing sets at Cockethurst Park, Whitehouse Road, Eastwood.

Cllr Daniel Cowan, Labour councillor for St Laurence ward, who arranged the project, said: “This much-loved park was looking very drab, but after a solid morning of painting it looks amazing!

“Social distancing and the rule of 6 slowed us down a little, but I think we can be really proud of what we’ve achieved.

“I can’t wait for us to come back soon and paint the train.

“This has been a really successful programme so far and is proof of concept that we can take charge of our parks and make them sparkle again.”

The equipment, which was first installed in 1988, was painted in a mix of blue, red and yellow decided by local residents and included two swing sets and a see-saw.

One of the volunteers, Tiffany Lawmon, said that the park looked so much more inviting and friendly after being painted.

Eastwood resident Kimberley O’Connell added “I was pleased when Daniel set this up because Eastwood can feel a little forgotten about sometimes.

“It was great to get our hands dirty doing something that the whole community can enjoy.”


Mick Ferris

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