Community hub launches in Waltham Abbey

A new community hub has launched in Waltham Abbey. will provide a non-assessment, non-referral service of basic groceries and essential items.

The service, which was launched on June 29, is the brainchild of Pesh Kapasiawala, who said: “I’m very proud that the vision I had is now a reality.

“Our ethos is that if people are brave enough to ask for help, we will support them. We want the whole process to be as natural as possible.

“We will lay out the food/essentials/clothing and people will be given a basket and they will be able to choose what they like within reason.”

The team of volunteers need all kinds of donations of food and essential household items asap (not fresh produce). They can be left at the Waltham Abbey Town Hall or you can call 01992 842642 for collection.

Mick Ferris

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