Concern over Shoebury homes plan as roads flood

Flooding on roads close to a site set to be transformed into more than 200 homes has sparked concerns over the development.

Campfield Road in Shoebury completely flooded on Tuesday, leaving it almost impassable to traffic.

The road, which frequently floods during heavy downpours, is just yards from an area of Gunners Park where 214 homes are set to be built.

Pavements on both sides of the road were flooded.

Peter Lovett, vice chairman of Shoeburyness Residents’ Association, has been campaigning against plans for homes on the site since they were initially pitched.

He said: “Has common sense been taken out of our brains.

” Here we are with people gluing themselves to the M25, when governments have been giving grants to insulate houses since 1980, but we want to build another 23,500 homes with many on flood plains when flooding is going to increase by 100 per cent over the next ten years.

“We have no lorry drivers and even if we did, they would not be able to get to Shoebury anyway because our roads are flooded or gridlocked.

“Our A&E is under extreme pressure, we do not have enough doctors and petrol stations are empty.

“This is not global warming – it is storm drains unable to take a heavy downpour, but we want to add another 214 homes next door.”

In December last year Garrison Developments’ application for the scheme off Barge Pier Road was narrowly passed by councillors despite flooding concerns.

Concerns were raised that the buildings, some five storeys high, were being built on a flood plain and the influx of homes would impact nearby roads.

The plans include 115 flats and 99 homes with 499 parking spaces, along with space for a new health centre and pharmacy.

The homes will built raised from ground level to mitigate flooding issues.

The developer will pay £30,000 towards improvements to the nearby Ness Road and Campfield Road junction though questions have been raised over whether this would be enough to improve the busy junction.

Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter