Controversial plans for large homes off congested Chelmsford road approved

A bid for eight homes off one of Chelmsford’s busiest and most congested roads has been given the green light.

A large two storey commercial building, known as Rochester House, and an associated parking area is now set to be demolished with eight homes containing either three, four or five bedrooms built in its place.

The existing access road would be widened by 1.5m which would require the repositioning of a lamp post.

But Great Baddow Parish Council have objected to the proposal as they consider that the proposed scheme would be an overdevelopment of the site with poor parking provision.

Councillor Jannetta Sosin, speaking on behalf of Great Baddow Parish Council at the planning application debate on April 5, said: “ This still means the access road is single lane.

“I have a concern about a lack of sight lines as a driver approaches the entrance of the development from Baddow Road and the other direction.

“Terrace houses on both sides of the development are close the road with very short gardens and it is really quite difficult to see what is happening traffic wise.”

Planning committee member Councillor Richard Hyland (Galleywood, Chelmsford Independents Group) said: “Baddow Road is a well known hotspot area for long queues of traffic taking you 20 minutes to get down 100m of road.

“Our planning policy requires development safeguards for the amenities of the occupiers and I think this impacts the amenities of the current occupiers.

“For me this is over development within an area that is already gridlocked.”

An officer for the council said: “Essex County Council highways look very carefully at highways safety. They are content with the safety of the access as proposed which is to be wider than it is at the moment.

“We are not starting with a baseline of no traffic. This is a commercial site with a large car park that can accommodate over 20 cars at the moment.”


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter