Council offers call back service for questions on proposed Rochford regeneration programme

Rochford District Council is offering members of the public a chance to speak by telephone to one of the council’s project team direct to share their views on the council’s proposed regeneration programme.

The Voyage Partnership is engaging with people living and working in the Rochford community and residents can give their feedback via the Voyage Partnership website

A webinar has been scheduled for March 17 at which residents will be able to learn more about the council’s proposals, ask questions and share their views.

Not everyone has access to the internet or to email so being able to speak to the council by telephone is an opportunity for those people to be part of the process too.

To register for a call back, contact the Customer Service Team on 01702 318111 or 01702 318191 or email: or via live chat at

To keep up to date with the Asset Delivery Programme, visit:

A list of frequently asked questions about the programme are also available at: