Council plans to resurface 77 roads across Redbridge

Redbridge Council plans to resurface 77 roads across the borough by April next year.

The goal of the £6.7 million project is to remove potholes and make the roads, which are mostly residential, safer for drivers and cyclists.

Around 20 roads have already been resurfaced and all but 17 have a set date for when works will begin.

A statement released by the council said the roads would be resurfaced “budget permitting”, suggesting some of these 17 roads might not be completed if there are financial issues.

The map above – which can also be seen at: – shows all 77 roads the council plans to resurface. Green roads have already been completed, orange roads have a date for work to start and red roads are undecided.

Redbridge leader Cllr Jas Athwal said: “We know how much people detest potholes, and we’ve been using the latest technology and equipment to ensure these are all filled before we encounter the cold weather in winter.

“I recently visited Princes Road in Barkingside, and I was very impressed by the condition of the road as a result of these works. This will benefit both motorists and cyclists, creating a much safer environment.”

Due to the pandemic, contractors could not fully commit to the work until the start of June.

Cllr John Howard, who is responsible for civic pride, added that quieter roads during lockdown meant the council was able “to make some considerable progress without it impacting residents”.


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter