Councillor celebrates success over Southend Airport night flights

Mick Ferris

Earlier this year Cllr Daniel Cowan arranged a meeting with London Southend Airport and fellow councillors representing the wards most directly affected by night disturbances to seek compromises on the airport operations that were most affecting residents in Southend.

One of the many compromises councillors sought to achieve was a longer period during the night where no flights would operate, hopefully allowing people to have better quality sleep and fewer disturbances.

After a period of negotiation, the airport has come to an agreement with its logistic partner to achieve this.

The last scheduled cargo flight out of Southend Airport will now be before 12.30am with the returns not expected until around 6.30am providing a 6hr period of no scheduled flights.

Cllr Daniel Cowan, Labour councillor for St Laurence ward, which is adjacent to the airport, said: “This is a real victory for all concerned.

“We have always wished the airport success, but not at the expense of people’s sleep. That is why this is such a significant step forward and I thank the airport for being so open to our suggestions.

“I want to thank the community for supporting us as we took the time to negotiate with the airport and especially my colleagues on the council who joined together to demand action as one voice.

“This will make a huge difference to the lives of my residents and many more across the borough.

“Whilst this doesn’t change the terms of the Section 106 agreement it does prove what can be achieved when we work together to balance the economic benefits of the airport with the social and environmental impacts.”


Mick Ferris

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