Councillor slams Barking and Dagenham housing repairs and maintenance service

A Barking and Dagenham councillor has slammed the borough’s housing repairs and maintenance service after a resident was left with an “absolutely disastrous” mould repair job.

On Wednesday May 10 Barking and Dagenham Council’s overview and scrutiny committee discussed the repairs and maintenance service partnership with MyPlace, the council’s landlord managing agent.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Phil Waker of Village Ward blasted a repair job that was carried out by a contractor.

Cllr Waker said he was sent pictures from a relative of someone living in the ward following a repair job for mould.

Holding up the pictures, Cllr Waker told the committee: “I think it was a mould job or whatever, but there were little bits of paint in it. It looks terrible – it looks absolutely disastrous.”

He added: “One of the things I’ve always said particularly on mould and damp is doing a proper job takes longer on the short-term but actually it saves time on the longer term.

“You’ve got to take a long-term view on this, but if it’s all short-termism it really doesn’t work.”

Cllr Waker was then interrupted by the chair of the overview and scrutiny committee, Cllr Glenda Paddle who said: “Sorry Phil can I just interrupt you, have you got questions on what you just said?”

He replied: “Those are things to comment on or things to raise, they’re not necessarily questions but I think it’s important to raise those points which no doubt Leona [from MyPlace] will take into account and will wish to comment on.”

Cllr Paddle replied: “I totally agree Phil and we do need to make those points however I think we need to get to the point as well.”

Cllr Waker said: “Well there’s lots of different points, I’ve got to points and I’ve moved on. I make no apologies for tackling these lists because it’s all things that are in the report. I’m only commenting on things in the report and I’m entitled to.”

He added: “I’ve probably not covered a load of things but that will do. No one probably wants to hear any more.”

Leona Menville, strategic director at MyPlace responded and said: “All of the things you have mentioned I have written them all down and I will absolutely tie them into when we’re looking at why did this happen – they’re all reasons that we can feed into.”


Ruby Gregory

Local Democracy Reporter