Councillors approve new tree planting framework for Basildon

Basildon councillors have approved a new framework to better manage tree planting across the borough.

The framework will help to improve various aspects of tree planting, including ensuring that suitable sites are identified for tree planting, that selected trees are the best possible species, and that correct techniques are used in planting and their ongoing maintenance.

It will support the council’s other recently introduced green policies, namely its Climate Change Action Plan to help the borough become carbon net-zero by 2050, and the Pollinator Action Plan to help improve and enhance biodiversity in the borough.

The decision to approve the new framework was made by councillors at the Leisure and Environment Committee meeting on Thursday 23 September.

Chairman of the committee, Councillor Craig Rimmer, said: “Trees are a major influencing factor in reducing the effects of climate change. It is important to ensure that the council continues to effectively manage the green and growing in the borough.

“The council has committed to becoming a carbon net-zero authority by 2030, and developing this framework is crucial to achieving this. And not just to increase the amount of trees planted, but to ensure they’re the right trees, in the right locations, to have their maximal impact.

“And it’s not just about the council’s activity – the content of the framework will allow us to educate developers, other bodies, and community organisations, to ensure that there’s a uniformed and collaborative approach to any green activity to make our environment in Basildon the best it can be.”


Mick Ferris

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