County council launches carers’ rights campaign

To boost awareness of carers’ rights, Essex County Council has launched a campaign to highlight to unpaid carers, their rights at home and in the workplace.

It is estimated that there are at least 124,000 unpaid carers in Essex, although the number could be far greater.

Unpaid carers look after, help or support someone who wouldn’t be able to manage everyday life without their help and this may be as little as under 10 hours a week or more than 50 hours per week,

The campaign aims to raise awareness of carers’ rights, especially to those who don’t identify as carers.

Cabinet Member for Health, Adult Social Care and ICS Integration, Councillor John Spence said: “Unpaid carers carry out an invaluable role. Many see it as their responsibility to support their loved ones, friends and neighbours but don’t realise there is information, guidance and support available for them, and laws that protect them.

“We want to reach out to all unpaid carers. The council understands their role can be very challenging, but carers should never be in a position where their life, dignity or self-respect are put at risk, so it’s vital they know their rights.”

To spread the word, the council set-up a touring double decker bus as an information service which visited Basildon, Rochford, Canvey and Brentwood on Friday November 24.