Dad’s Army Radio Show brings the home guard to Hornchurch

Two actors, two microphones, over 25 characters and lots of sound effects!

Classic sitcom Dad’s Army, comes to the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch on Monday November 1 in this highly-acclaimed production of The Dad’s Army Radio Show.

The classic David Croft and Jimmy Perry BBC comedy series is brought to life in three episodes of the hugely popular television series hilariously and lovingly enacted by two master performers.

David Benson and Jack Lane transport the audience back to Walmington-on-Sea, working from original radio scripts – complete with sound effects, vintage music and all of the show’s beloved characters and catchphrases.

Featuring three episodes newly adapted for stage:

When You’ve Got To Go’
Prviate Pike passes his call-up medical  A1 (in spite of his chronically bad chest, painful sinuses, weak ankles and recently acquired nervous twitch). At the evening’s parade, Mainwaring and the platoon decide to celebrate Pike’s departure with a dinner in his honour at the local fish and chip restaurant.

My Brother and I’
Just as Capt Mainwaring gives the go-ahead for a sherry party with local dignitaries, his drunken brother, Barry, turns up to spoil the occasion.

Never Too Old’
The last ever episode of ‘Dad’s Army’, originally broadcast on Sunday November 13, 1977. The wedding reception of Lance Corporal Jones and Mrs Fox is interrupted as the platoon are put on full invasion alert.

Jack Lane said, “We love ‘Dad’s Army’ as much our audiences do and it is a privilege for us to have the opportunity to share our delight in our nation’s best-loved sit-com with audiences,

“Our aim has always been to be as true to the original, in finding the voices and mannerisms of the characters, as possible.

“No messing about it with it or trying to be ‘cleverer than it was’ by sending it up.”

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Mick Ferris

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