Daredevil granddad to tackle Cutty Sark in latest hospitals charity challenge

Hospital volunteer Charlie Richardson, who has already abseiled down one of London’s tallest buildings and completed a skydive to raise money for the King George and Queen’s Hospitals Charity, is taking on a new fundraising challenge.

On Saturday September 10, along with his 15-year-old granddaughter Emily, he will be taking on the rig climbing experience at London’s famous ship, the Cutty Sark.

Grandfather-of-eight Charlie is hoping to raise around £3,000 for the hospitals’ charity. It will go towards the volunteer team, where he has been giving up his time to help patients for the past five years.

Charlie, who lives in Romford, said: “It’s newly introduced and my wife saw it advertised so I thought I’d do it. I’m looking forward to it as it’s quite different to anything I’ve done before.

“I do get a bit nervous doing these challenges, due to the unknown. And in this one the rope ladder will be moving all the time so that’ll be interesting. I’m really excited Emily’s joining me this time .”

Charlie started fundraising for the hospitals in Redbridge and Romford to give something back after his wife Marion was treated for breast cancer several years ago.

In 2018 he raised over £2,000 doing a skydive and the following year he abseiled down the 33-storey Broadgate Tower. After lockdowns during the pandemic put a hold on his daredevil antics, he was back last year scaling the O2 before completing the skywalk at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground, then abseiling to the pitch.

To sponsor Charlie, or to find out more, visit his JustGiving page


Mick Ferris

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