Developers try again with application to demolish Leigh building

Fresh plans to bulldoze a landmark Leigh-on-Sea home overlooking the Thames Estuary have been submitted after previous proposals were branded an “eyesore”.

An earlier bid to demolish 135 Marine Parade and replace it with a three-storey building including seven flats was thrown out in March.

The development was deemed to be overbearing and out of keeping with surrounding buildings, as well as standing further forward than other homes on Marine Parade.

Landmark Leigh home and inset the old plan which was rejected

However, applicants Peter Hills and Paul Miller have redesigned the plans for seven flats to be less intrusive, including being set further back from the road.

Carole Mulroney, councillor responsible for the environment, culture, tourism and planning, said: “I am concerned about issues of design and the effect on the street scene, but we will be looking at that when it comes before the committee.

“The building next to it is pretty unremarkable but the building on the opposite corner is an Edwardian, between-the-wars house.”

The developers say the new design is “in-keeping with the character of the seafront area and houses on Marine Parade”.

West Leigh Lib Dem councillor Beth Hooper said: “The last plan was shockingly not fitting and there will probably be an outcry but we won’t know until we look at the plans.

“I would be sad to lose what I believe is a Victorian house for a modern building.”

Part of the new application said: “The current proposal is a much improved scheme which has been informed by the comments of the council in the determination of the previous application. The previous application initiated a re-appraisal and re-design of the scheme.

“As is evident from the application submission, the current scheme is a vast improvement on the previous scheme and has addressed all of the council’s concerns in relation to design.

”The scheme has a number of benefits, principally, it will result in a net increase of six residential units in an area with acute housing land supply and delivery issues. It will also reuse a previously developed site in a sustainable location for housing; making effective and efficient use of land.”


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter