Distinction for junior violinist

Brentwood School Year 10 boarding student Sara Wu hit the right note in her recent ABRSM Violin Diploma exam, receiving a ‘very rare’ distinction.

Sara, who only recently turned 14, first picked up a violin when she was four years old and admits to being a rather reluctant student in those early days

“At first my mum wanted me to learn piano and violin and I was reluctant to learn both instruments. Having said that, I continued with lessons and, though my initial lack of motivation and passion slowed down my progress (compared to some of my childhood friends), I’m still proud of myself for achieving so much.”

Sara’s passion for music has certainly grown in the interim and she took the diploma exam only three months after her Grade 8. She remains modest, however, and admits to being ‘a bit lazy’ when it comes to putting in the practice.

She explained: “I am ashamed to admit that I don’t practise as much as peers who are the same grade as me. My previous violin teacher recommended at least one hour of practice a day when I was preparing for Grade 7, but I was lazy and only did an hour a week until I started the Diploma!

“A couple of weeks before the diploma, I started practising for two hours every day. It wasn’t as intense as the routines of many other musicians but it sure paid off.”


Mick Ferris

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