Drive-in panto returns to Chelmsford

Kids can’t sit still? Need to cater for different snack requirements? Feel anxious in crowds? Can’t find a dog sitter? Want to wear your PJ’s at the panto and not be judged?

You can leave all worries at home and relax as a family with Car Park Panto’s Horrible Christmas at Chelmsford Racecourse on December 17.

It’s a show about the history of Christmas delivered in a way that only Horrible Histories can and the ticket covers the car, not the people inside, so you can take your grandparents and babies and be sound in the knowledge you will be safe sat amongst family and friends.

Horrible Christmas is a unique COVID-secure experience, where kids (& adults) are able to jump up and down in their own seats, cheer and make as much noise as they like (beep those horns!).

Not strictly speaking a typical panto, it will still get everyone into the festive spirit from the comfort and security of their own cars.

Tickets can be obtained from:


Mick Ferris

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