Drowning in crocodile tears

The reaction from campaigners and some commentators to the outcome of the defamation case between film star Johnny Depp and ex wife Amber Heard has been utterly disgraceful.

Rather than deal with how a man’s reputation and career were utterly destroyed on what has now been judged by an American jury to be a lie, The #MeToo movement, which began with the most noble of intentions, along with much of the media, especially here in the UK, have been more concerned with the effect the judgement will have on future victims of domestic violence coming forward.

The only people who should be put off by this tawdry affair the world has lapped up like it’s the latest scripted not really reality TV series, are those willing to perjure themselves – and in finding all of Depp’s case proved that is surely exactly what Amber Heard has done in the eyes of the Virginia court as a factor of proving defamation in the US is that it was done maliciously.

Even though this was a civil case, I presume there will be legal consequences over that in addition to her getting a taste of what her former husband has had to endure over the past six years – the loss of her career, which as she is apparently unable to pay the damages awarded against her could prove problematic (although I have a theory about that…)

Why this has happened is easy to sum up. While exposing a toxic, dysfunctional relationship of excess, Amber and her floundering foot in mouth legal team failed to convincingly present her case. She wasn’t believed because as more evidence was presented, the story became increasingly unbelievable and lacking in credibility.

So called experts used by the Heard team came across as either completely incompetent or opportunists out for a quick buck and there was no one on her side who could match the cross examination skills of Camille Vasquez, who has emerged as a bigger star than Amber will ever be.

If last week’s decision is, as has been claimed, a setback for women, then there is only one person responsible for that.

And it’s not Johnny Depp.

I would prefer to think of this as an end to automatic guilt/cancellation simply by accusation and the acceptance that men can be victims too.

From now on #MeToo needs to apply to all genders.


Being old is when your five year-old granddaughter sits through the jubilee concert and sings along to things you’ve never heard by people you’ve never heard of.

But full marks to Her Maj for the Paddington Bear skit (96 and still willing to engage in a bit of fun for the rest of us, health allowing, of course). I’m hoping that she secretly had her nightie on under that green coat and hat ensemble from the balcony of Buck House on Sunday afternoon.

Also, special kudos to Zara Tindall for playfully poking her godson, the young heir to the throne in the ear with a flag and husband Mike for giving little scamp Prince Louis the evil eye signal.

Quotes of the week

A zookeeper on BBC2’s Animal Park with the gem: “If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked about koala babies I’d be living on a desert island in the Mediterranean.” (What???)

And the young bloke with a beer in his hand at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the Mall who twice told a Sky News reporter on Thursday he was there to celebrate the Queen’s “70 years on the reign”.

Stupid TV quiz answer of the week

The Chase:

Q: Hippoform means shaped like what animal?

A: A hippo?

Edward Case