Easter bunny brings cheer to Leyton

Local resident and businesswoman Joy Watkins has been helping raise the local community’s spirit in Leyton during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 54 year-old who runs a community café in Jubilee Park brought the Easter spirit with her when she dressed up as an Easter Bunny and, together with daughter Rain, took to the streets handing out free crafting kits.

The mother and daughter used a loud hailer to bring families to their doors before leaving the kits and Easter eggs at their gates.

Joy, who lives in Bloxhall Road, said: “We know it’s tough for people and just want to do our bit to keep people occupied and bring a smile to their faces.

“We handed out around 100 kits and it really bought a smile to my face when someone walked past our flat the other day and shouted up “love you, neighbour. It’s all about community spirit.”

She has also helped set up loveleabridge.com, a local economy site where people can swap goods and skills while observing the rules of social distancing.


Mick Ferris

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