Ed’s election shorts #2

I would have written something about Jo Swinson losing her Dunbartonshire East seat when it happened, but I was too busy laughing my head off.

If ever there was an example of democracy fighting back to bite you on the ass, this is it. Only a couple of weeks ago she was claiming she was a candidate for Prime Minister (something Andrew Neil quickly corrected her on) and now her political career is in tatters.

With Sam Gyimah and Anna Soubry gone too I’m starting to believe in Karma.

Meanwhile, Jezza has announced he will not lead the Labour Party into another election (really? There’s a shock) but he seems to think that he’s going to be allowed to remain in position for a “period of reflection”.

After an election which has seen Labour’s worst result since the 1930s, so long as that period of reflection doesn’t last any longer than tomorrow lunchtime he could be right.

I’ve said for many months that I don’t trust any of the parties and although the 2016 referendum result can now finally be honoured I remain concerned for the NHS and for the welfare of the people most in need of assistance.

This may not quite be the tsunami I predicted, but and I have to admit the comeuppance which has been visited upon politicians who are still unable to accept they were wrong is very satisfying.


Edward Case